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Facebook Marketing

Increase your brand’s exposure to potential clients with targeted Facebook marketing.
Let us help your brand develop a unique strategy and advertising campaign that will generate more leads for your
business and increase your sales.

Discover the Power of Targeted Online Marketing

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Marketing Automation

Convert your database and leads into paying customers with the power of marketing automation.

Lead Generation

Our lead qualification process ensures that your sales team is speaking to the right prospects.


We use cookies to collect behavioral data on your prospects so we can re-target them on Facebook.

Success Stories

Lev HaOlam needed to grow their membership numbers and wanted to use Facebook to do it. The New Edge Media team built their entire social sales funnel from first interaction to closing and increased their sales by 30% in the first 3 months.

Using Facebook to move Lev HaOlam’s customers through their sales funnel was affordable, targeted, and effective.

SnapKeys needed a breakout move and hired New Edge Media to expose their brand to tens of thousands of people, giving them the brand recognition they needed to get to the next stage. Facebook’s powerful advertising and targeting options paired with engaging content made growing the SnapKeys community a breeze.

New Edge Media harnessed the power of Facebook’s micro ad targeting to help build OurCrowd’s initial investor community. Our micro-targeting approach sent targeted leads to OurCrowd’s site and provided them with in depth information on who was clicking on their Facebook ads.

This data will also help them create more powerful campaigns in the future.

About Our Agency

Facebook has revolutionized the way businesses market their brands and engage with their customers. At New Edge Media, we’re passionate about Facebook marketing and helping brands discover the power of targeted advertising. Our team of social media experts will help you devise a targeted Facebook strategy and develop a unique advertising campaign that will broaden your online reach.

We take the time to understand our clients unique requirements so that we can develop the best possible strategies and campaigns. Our monthly reports will provide you with detailed insights on your online marketing efforts so that we can continuously optimize your campaigns, grow your brand, and increase your sales.

Josh Kotlar

Josh Kotlar

Partner & Digital Master Chief

David Mark

David Mark

Partner & Facebook Jedi Master

Alex Szentpeteri

Alex Szentpeteri

Creative Director

Cassandra Jordaan

Cassandra Jordaan

Digital Marketing Manager

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Simple Pricing

Facebook Marketing

$ 950 / month*

*$500 One time setup fee
*Advertising budget not included in monthly management fee
*Suggested minimum
advertising budget: $1500/pm
*Optional add-ons available for an additional fee

  • Real Time Stats
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Retargeting Strategy
  • Audience Targeting Strategy
  • Geolocated Micro Targeting
  • Email Collection
  • Product Specific Campaigns

Want More?

Optional Add-ons:

  • Newsletter Management
  • Landing Page Development
  • CRM Implementation
  • Content Creation

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