Facebook is all about content. The more your fans engage with your posts, the more your brand will start showing up in their newsfeeds. This means that you need to be consistent and know exactly which posts your fans are responding to.

A Facebook content strategy paired with an advertising strategy will ensure that you’re continuously reaching new people and engaging with your current fans too.

10 Tips to create a Facebook content strategy that delivers

Below are a few tips that you can use as you develop your next content strategy.

  1. Get to know your audience. Creating the content that you think your audience wants to see is only going to end in a lot of wasted time and resources. Really get to know your audience first before you start developing your content.
  2. Test out time. While there are a lot of studies out there on the best time to post, you also need to do your own testing to find out what days and times your audience is the most responsive to your content.
  3. Change things up. Get creative and change up your content to keep it exciting. Blog posts are great but don’t be scared to throw in the odd video or infographic to keep your page fresh and interesting.
  4. Don’t aim to sell. Nobody wants to follow a page that is only promoting their products or services and providing no extra value. While it’s perfectly fine to promote your brand, keep a 20/80 split in terms of promotion vs content.
  5. Add a touch of personality. Every brand has a unique style and voice and it’s important to incorporate your unique voice into your Facebook posts if you really want to stand out and be remembered.
  6. Set a few objectives. A content plan will help keep your page alive and busy but to really start seeing results from your Facebook marketing efforts, set a few goals and objectives that you can track and build your content around.
  7. Do a little keyword research. To start capturing a new audience that might be searching for your products, services or content, take the time to do some keyword research and find ways to incorporate them into your posts.
  8. Use the best images you can. Facebook is a visual platform so using great, eye-catching graphics will ensure that your posts stand out and look professional. Try and stay away from boring stock images and rather go for something unique. If you have the budget, hire a photographer to take a few great shots that you can use for your promotional posts too.
  9. Research your competitors. Knowing what your competitors are up to could really inspire you to create exceptional content so it pays to keep an eye on their Facebook marketing efforts.
  10. Keep testing. Pulling reports from Facebook and Google Analytcis on a regular basis is crucial if you want to be able to optimize your Facebook content strategy and keep boosting your results.