Advertising has come a long way. When the internet first showed up, it was something from another world and businesses soon realized that they could reach a multitude of people every single day just by creating an online banner.

Online advertising has taken giant leaps forward since the inception of the internet, ensuring that brands can now reach 100 potential customers instead of 100 random people with your product or service only appealing to 10 of them. Remarketing was one of those giant leaps.

What is remarketing?

When someone visits your website, a cookie is used to tag them. Along with a tracking pixel, this tag tracks their activity on your site so that if they don’t end up converting, an advert will follow them around on other websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, reminding them about their abandoned purchase.

Almost everyone has probably been followed by an advert for a pair of sneakers or a jacket that they were looking to purchase. This is remarketing at work.

Remarketing on Facebook

Remarketing, also known as custom audiences on Facebook, allows you to market to people who have visited your website by showing them ads in their newsfeeds.

By creating a custom audience on Facebook you can market to different segments such as users who added items to a shopping cart but never checked out or users who visited specific pages on your website. Remarketing gives you the opportunity to send a gentle reminder to customers who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

Benefits of Facebook custom audiences

So why should your brand consider setting up a Facebook remarketing campaign?

  • Reengage your customers. Remarketing is your brand’s chance to bring a customer back to your site and get them to convert. There’s nothing worse than a customer showing an interest in your products or services, only for them to abandon your site because they got called away or distracted. Retargeting can lead to 147% higher conversion rates.
  • Grow your audience. Custom audiences give you greater insights into the types of people who are visiting your website, which in turn gives you the opportunity to take advantage of lookalike audiences. By setting up lookalike audiences in Facebook you can reach similar people who have a very good chance of being interested in what your business has to offer.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your future campaigns. Customers who have already converted don’t want to keep seeing ads for something they’ve already purchased or signed up for. Retargeting gives you the ability to exclude any people who might have already converted through one of your retargeting campaigns from a new Facebook campaign with the same messaging.